Jeremy Hennacy


“When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.”  1 Corinthians 13:11

Orange County, California, “the land of flip flops and sandy beaches” (or at least this is what I thought in my naive adolescence). I had a pipe dream of an unrealistic future that consisted of a false foundation, built on deceptive lies.  My seemingly normal childhood innocence was put to the fire, after I ingested my first opioid pain pill. Who would think, one little pill would manifest itself into a decade long nightmare of heroin addiction.


Programs, incarceration, and a hefty prison sentence looming over my head, served as the road blocks that would lead me to Christ in 2010.  It was then, I fell in love with Jesus and the beauty of worship. “Give me the gift to worship you with music, Lord… And I’ll never use it for any reason outside of that purpose.”  a fleeting commitment I would not live up to. I was leading worship for a small church in Redlands, Ca.  My music ministry was the first to stray wayward, followed by years of handwork and sobriety, none of which could hold a candle to loosing my wife and children.  The realization of what I’d lost, who I had lost, who I had become, and the gravity of the situation, brought me to my knees.

“I surrender Lord! ” as I pulled into the gravel parking lot of U-Turn For Christ, crushed in spirit with nothing left to lose.  I had finally cast my last pearl  to the swine.  With divorce papers in hand, void of my signature, I prayed whole heartedly as I sunk my pen into the summons.        “Here I am Lord, with arms high and heart abandoned, make me available.” Time is of no essence to God, and what time I valued, God wasted none of as He continued the work in me He had began so long ago.  Since the day I walked though the doors at U-Turn For Christ, God has began an amazing process of restoration, with my beautiful wife and two precious children, opened a window of opportunity in leadership, and restored me back to a heart of worship in music ministry at the ranch.  As well as, an unexpected position in the intake office where I’m blessed to share the love of God and lead men to Jesus Christ. The one who set me FREE!

God used the remaining ashes of a once thoughtless child to rebuild a man with a burning desire to further the purpose of His gospel. My name is Jeremy Hennacy, I’m a new creation and a testament of God’s reckless love!