Gilbert Gonzales


I was born into a loving family with parents that did anything and everything they could to protect and provide for our family in Pico Rivera, CA. Things started to change when I was around 4 years old because my older brother died, but my family was able to remain close.

Over the next few years I began to hang out with the gangs that were powerful in my neighborhood, which kind of had a natural progression into the drug life. I quickly began to care less about what people thought of me or what I was doing. I did exactly what the devil wanted me to. I lied always, hurt everyone who was significant in my life.


I would steal from anyone who had something I didn’t. I came to know the Lord on July 14, 2015 when I first came to U-Turn for Christ. I believe the Lord restored my relationship with my family, girlfriend, and my beautiful 8 year old girl. When I was done with 1st Phase I moved home and married my girlfriend, but within a year our relationship was over because we had both started up our sinful, lifestyle and this time my sin hit me harder than it had ever before. On November 13, 2016 I returned to U-Turn for Christ with a lot of shame and guilt. But instead of running away, I stayed here and it has dramatically changed my life. I am now an assistant leader and am going on 7 months on the Ranch. I have a new found joy in my heart that I'm sharing with my family,  and daughter and nothing else in this world has been able to give that to me. Thank you U-Turn for introducing me to my Lord and Savior.