To be eligible for enrollment, you or your loved one must meet the requirements listed below


1. Must be over the age of 18

2. Cannot be a registered sex offender

3. Must be 24 hours without the use of any drugs or alcohol

General intake hours take place Monday through Friday from 9am to 3:30pm. However, we understand that these hours are not convenient for everyone. If you need to schedule an intake outside of normal intake hours please call our office at 951-943-7097. 



U-Turn For Christ is primarily funded by donations. This give us the ability to keep the cost of services as low as possible for our residents. The costs include the housing and food.

U-Turn for Christ asks for a five hundred dollar per month donation, with a minimum two-month commitment, payable upon arrival, in the form of a cashiers check, money order, or cash. The donation will cover costs of housing for the first phase of the program (Phase-1, two months).


What to bring

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Items to Bring

  • About one week’s worth of clothing (maximum of one bag)


  • A couple of sweatshirts

  • Work boots

  • Clothes to work in

  • No tank-tops, cut-off sleeves or V neck t-shirts.

  • No Inappropriate logos on shirts (skulls, women, alcohol, etc…)

  • Bible only. No other reading material.

  • Spiral notebooks, pens, highlighters, stamps and envelopes

  • Sleeping bag and pillow

  • Toiletries (cannot contain alcohol) such as Listerine, Cologne or aftershave. Razors are permitted.

  • Two bath towels and shower shoes (flip-flops)

  • Personal CD player (No am/fm radios, or iPods)

  • Christian CDs only. (No copies / recorded CD’s, originals only)

  • Laundry detergent

  • Hamper Bag

  • Water bottle/ plastic or metal


Additional item for Women

All of the above applies to women including the following…

  • Clothes must be non conforming. We recommend wearing a men's style t-shirt (crew neck), one size larger than what you normally wear.

  • Shorts must be below the knees or longer.

  • No yoga pants or legging