Meet Aaron from U-Turn for Christ, Kauai

I clearly remember accepting the Lord at age 5, being lead to Him by my kindergarten teacher. I grew up in your standard suburban home with two loving parents who provided everything I could have ever wanted or needed, but there was something missing in my life. God called me at a young age, but I lacked the true desire to follow Him. 


 Around age 12 I started to struggle with sexual immorality (lust of the flesh). Quickly that turned into all sorts of sexual deviance. I felt alone and ashamed of my sin and thus returned to it for comfort.

The world told me that my sin was ugly and disgusting; I never felt like I could talk about it or ask for help (which were lies from the evil one). At age 33, after 20 years of struggling and losing the battle, I was broken and done. That calling on my life that God gave me at a young age was shadow of a memory but the Lord had bigger plans for me.

I asked the Holy Spirit to baptize me, to heal me and forgive me for throwing away so much time, for my lies and for all the lives I hurt. My guilt and shame was no longer something I could bare, and He was just waiting for me to ask Him to take it.
I am free of Satan’s lies and schemes, I can see them clearly now and call them out and raise them to Jesus. I am a child of the one True King. With lust come depression, lies and shame. God finally brought me to a place where He could pick me up and where I could find Him every day with His big Papa arms wrapped around me.